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1. a legendary figure that a group of people attributes the most essential parts of its culture to - such as amazing discoveries, overcoming challenges or being an impactful leader.


Basically, an all-around legend.




As future problems become more complex, we need more innovative and creative ways to tackle these challenges both individually and collectively.



As individual demands increase, and we feel even more time poor, it's important that we have the right tools to help build greater emotional resilience.



High levels of uncertainty leads to high levels of mistrust and individualism. We have to feel connected to what we do and who we do it with to do our best work.

The Cost of Disengagement


Annual cost of absenteeism



Annual cost of presenteeism

Annual cost of


mental health claims

Our Programs

Play is baked into everything we do,

we love it as much as we love cake

We unlock your team's full potential to find

more relevant ways to adapt and respond to increasing complexities in the world - creating real, sustainable change that your people will enjoy along the way.

Why Play?

Play is our brain's favourite way to learn and is the bedrock of creativity and innovation. It helps us cultivate these

super-hero-like skills, so

we can go forth and do amazing things.







Learning Design

We are learning design nerds and we LOVE creating impactful programs that are effective and fun!


Off-the-shelf programs just don't cut the mustard. We understand every one of our clients have unique needs when it comes to up-skilling and engaging their people.


We co-design a program that fits like Cinderella's slipper.


Did we mention we're certified in the ultra-amazing Danish learning design methodology KaosPilot?


at lære er sjovt! 

(learning is fun!)

Carolyn Bell

Executive Director 

Epworth Hospital

What a great way to unleash creativity amongst the team. Our leaders learned the power of fun and our key takeaway from the day was that we can often get caught up in structures, process and bureaucracy and through play we can create energy, innovation and build relationships to connect with one other. 

Jake Spiering

Chief Financial Officer


The team have absolutely created a spark, turning on a creative culture within our organisation. The feedback was outstanding. We have seen a number of the tools and takeaways continue to show up across our business to unlock new ways of collaborating and building on each other’s ideas.  Our leadership team is now aware of the power of “Yes, And….”, and we have seen multiple teams introduce play into their organisational rituals.  

Margaret Tope


Vic College for the Deaf

The workshop was fun, engaging and created the opportunity for staff to share and learn about each other in a safe space. The discussions were rich and you could see staff were having ‘aha’
moments as they gained deeper insights about each other. This new knowledge will definitely add stronger context for building our collective efficacy.
If you want to make your team understand each other as people without the title, connect with Culture Hero.


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