Choose from three of our bespoke programs designed to

fit your organisation's needs


4, 8 or 12 learning labs that empower your people to embrace change — boosting creative capability, while building trust and confidence

Capability Uplift

4 sessions

​A great introduction to building creative capability

  • Explore the power of intention through the 5's: Context, Change, Content, Capacity and Commitment

  • Practice Creativity and Lateral Thinking to solve problems and get out of your own way

  • Cultivate a 'Yes, and' Mindset to grow core skills in collaboration and trust

  • Effectively ideate and brainstorm to bring ideas to action, talking less and doing more

Shifting Mindsets

8 sessions

Includes sessions from Capability Uplift

  • Shift immunity to change to create a culture of openness and adaptability

  • Understand the importance of intelligent failure as it relates to creativity and innovation

  • Have the competence + confidence to be bold and question business as usual to stand out in a crowded marketplace

  • Create psychological safety to drive trust and high performance 

Embedding Change

12 sessions

Includes sessions from Capability + Shifting Mindsets

  • Learn to develop a compelling narrative to effect change within your organisation

  • Espouse the behaviours and attitudes needed to thrive in the unexpected 

  • Explore what it takes to both coach and lead teams through change

  • Get tools to manage stress to support high performance, building greater emotional intelligence


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