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Break Out

Our fully immersive yearly conference event

A ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ immersion for creative thinkers and change-makers that ditches the old conference model, and unleashes playful chaos.


Participants experience the transformative benefits of play at work with world-class speakers and hands-on, minds-on workshops.

Break Out has run in Melbourne 2018 and 2019, leading people deeper into the value of play and how it can bring more meaning and impact to work.

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"Culture Hero" Program

25 Agents of Play at Epworth Hospital

We took Physios, Nurses, Psychologists and Administrators through 8 weeks of deep learning around play theory, applied improvisation and leadership to empower them to lead playfully across their departments


100% reported they felt ‘inspired or very

inspired’ to continue their own learning outside the class.

93%  rated the program 'Relevant' to

'Extremely Relevant' to how they work, and how they might make their workplace better.

79%  felt that as a result of this course

they felt more (or very much more)

connected with their colleagues & their




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