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We’ve run virtual sessions for 100's of people across Australia during the pandemic.
They’ve left with their hearts full, feeling more energised, inspired, open and relaxed.

Highly engaging 90-minute sessions
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To all Melbourne teams and leaders

Is your organisation feeling the pain of this second lockdown?

About the session:


  • 90 jam-packed minutes of activities

  • Teams of up to 25​ per session 

  • Make meaningful connections with your colleagues

  • Be surprised and delighted by this high energy session

  • Leave feeling more relaxed, inspired and motivated

See for yourself what a Culture Hero Virtual Experience is all about

Using the power of play theory,

storytelling, and learning design



Your people don't need to struggle...
You can avoid:

  • A massive decline in productivity 

  • Your team feeling exhausted and burnt-out 

  • Watching your team struggle with motivation

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"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou 

Shannon Bellette

Business Ops Manager


It was excellent and engaging facilitation. We learnt a lot about each other in a safe and fun setting. It also helped to remind us that in the virtual setting, discussions and meetings become quite transactional and there is value in taking the time to be connected and have some fun. 

Ellie Cooper

Talent Manager, Australia & NZ 


A seamless experience that was fun, engaging and thought provoking. Our team left with fresh ideas to keep the energy up and integrate adult learning principles in a really fun way. The best part was that all the fun and games led to some really powerful connection.

With engaging tools and techniques, they were able to introduce play into the and break the ice amongst the group of 20. Their approach enables teams to put down their guard and work collaboratively, inviting opportunities to question and speak up in a remote working environment.

Duncan Rutishauser

Experience Design Lead

Academy Xi

What People are Saying

Other Programs

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Digital Culture Strategy

1.5-2 hour sessions that create the foundation needed to build a thriving remote culture


Leaders and teams 


  • Create healthy habits around the way your team balances remote work and life

  • Build a strong remote team culture, energise your people and mobilise their productivity + creativity

  • Co-design rituals that support your team's values


$2,000 + GST

8-25 pax

Meeting Leaders Training

Increase your meeting capability with this live virtual training


Two part learning series

Session 1: 2 hours 

Session 2: 1 hour


Leaders and managers who run virtual meetings


  • Design and lead with efficacy and intention for measurable meeting results

  • Learn to get the most out of Zoom and how yo manage tech hiccups

  • Build and sustain real rapport with all participants to keep them engaged


$2,999 + GST

8 - 20 pax

Face-to-Face Programs

Bespoke programs designed to meet your team where they're at and get them where they want to be


Teams, Leaders, Managers


  • Provide your teams with a safe space that allows them to connect and share in more purposeful and meaningful ways​

  • Build a strong culture of listening, empathy and creativity 

  • Have the confidence to be bold and question business as usual to stand out in a crowded marketplace

  • Create psychological safety to drive trust and high performance 

What is a

Culture Hero?



1. a legendary figure that a group of people attributes the most essential parts of its culture to - such as amazing discoveries, overcoming challenges or being an impactful leader.


Basically, an all-around legend.



As future problems become more complex, we need more innovative and creative ways to tackle these challenges both individually and collectively.



As individual demands increase, and we feel even more time poor, it's important that we have the right tools to help build greater emotional resilience.



High levels of uncertainty leads to high levels of mistrust and individualism. We have to feel connected to what we do and who we do it with to do our best work.

The Cost of Disengagement




Annual cost of


mental health claims

Annual cost of presenteeism

Annual cost of absenteeism

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