Establish strong team dynamics, face-to-face, for teams that are geo-dispersed.

See how real connections and creating an in-person shared experience empowers your people to collaborate more effectively and ask for help more freely

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With the play workshops and the “Yes, and” philosophy it’s been really interesting to see how we can actually use it in our day to day life. It’s a simple improv idea, but has helped us when working on ideas and not judging people. A big take out has been during our brainstorming sessions - when someone says “but that won’t” we say "No..No..No - it’s "Yes, and"! It makes for a more genuinely collaborative workplace.

- Julian Eimutis 

Account Executive

Town Square Agency

The improv program taught me a new way to be a part of a team and to lead a in a way I never thought possible utilising play. It's empowering that we can engage staff in a happy and fun way.

We’re all very inspired to continue to utilise these skills and techniques that we learned over the last 8 week, bringing it to life in our day to day work.


- Judy Ngo 


Epworth Hospital


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