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Designed and facilitated virtual meetings that minimise virtual fatigue and drive strong cultures remotely 

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Shannon Bellette

Business Ops Manager


 "It was excellent and engaging facilitation by a team who have a genuine interest in improving a culture through connection. 


Through this process I learnt more about the team  in a  short time frame than I potentially would in a face to face environment.  We learnt a lot about each other in a safe and fun setting.


It has helped to remind us that in the virtual setting, discussions and meetings become quite transactional and there is value in taking the time to be connected and introduce some fun elements."

"Dara and Merrilee hosted a virtual session for our students at Academy Xi to ‘Build Intimacy at Distance’.


With some engaging tools and techniques, they were able to introduce play into the virtual environment and break the ice amongst the group of 20.


Their approach enables teams to put down their guard and work collaboratively, inviting opportunities to question and speak up in a remote working environment."

Duncan Rutishauser

Experience Design Lead

Academy Xi

Stevie Hoiles

Head of Partnerships + Events

One Roof Women

"Our members left the session feeling truly connected to themselves and their fellow peers and shared feelings of reflection, towards the power of active listening, vulnerability and the simple act of sharing our stories.

Before the session there were feelings of apprehension towards the unknown and questions of how connection can be fostered in a virtual environment.


These feelings were quickly forgotten and replaced with genuine enjoyment and thought provoking activities."


"Thanks to their incredible energy, courage and creativity the team at Culture Hero are able to transform a potentially dull video-conferencing experience into an experience of true joy and human connection."

Cassandra Goodman

Executive Coach


Casey Wright

Head of Emerging Products


"I attended a Culture Hero session and was blown away by the level of engagement from everyone and the new ideas I picked up about how to stay connected while working from home during these uncertain time.


Dara is a star when it comes to motivating and engaging teams and doing it online makes no difference."

Franchette Fabila


Academy Xi

"The Culture Hero presentation really helped me connect with people in my group both personally and professionally!


It was really engaging and made me feel like the fun attitude is widely accepted in the culture of UX Design I’m heading."

Digital Culture Strategy

1.5-2 hour sessions that create the foundation needed to build a thriving remote culture


Leaders and teams 


  • Create healthy habits around the way your team balances remote work and life

  • Build a strong remote team culture, energise your people and mobilise their productivity + creativity

  • Co-design rituals that support your team's values


$2,000 + GST

8-25 pax

Meeting Leaders Training

Increase your meeting capability with this live virtual training


Two part learning series

Session 1: 2 hours 

Session 2: 1 hour


Leaders and managers who run virtual meetings


  • Design and lead with efficacy and intention for measurable meeting results

  • Learn to get the most out of Zoom and how yo manage tech hiccups

  • Build and sustain real rapport with all participants to keep them engaged


$2,999 + GST

8 - 20 pax

Virtual Team Building

1-1.5 hour curated virtual experiences that use online play

and game theory to create intimacy at a distance




  • Minimise social isolation and virtual fatigue

  • Provide your teams with a safe space that allows them to connect and share in more purposeful and meaningful ways

  • Boost morale and mental wellbeing


$1,000 + GST

8-25 pax

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