Design and facilitate your meetings with purpose and intention, driving shared experience, connection and outcomes



Business is theatre and meetings are its stage

We are thrilled to be joining forces with world-renowned 

Meeting Maestro, David Pearl

Many organisations view meetings as a necessary evil; useful but dull. Things change radically when you view them as a form of performance – a place for dynamic interaction and real conversation, clearly shaped with a beginning, middle and end.

"The art of virtual meeting isn’t just about communicating remotely – it’s about creating intimacy at a distance.  Meeting technology amplifies everything.  If you’re bored or distracted in a live meeting you can cover this.  On screen it really shouts. Don’t be deceived. Working remotely requires even more presence and concentration." - David Pearl

Learn to be a 

Meeting Leader

A live, virtual training that teaches you how to lead engaging + effective meetings like a pro 

  • Learn the leadership skills needed to lead meetings with efficacy and intention for measurable outcomes

  • Learn the power of meeting design

  • Includes live challenge and real-time feedback 

  • Make the very best of the technology and learn to manage inevitabelchiccups​

  • Create real rapport at a distance

Co-design your meetings 

with a  Meeting Master

Ensure high-stakes meeting are successful + find solutions to the most complex problems

  • Meetings are by design and conducted as a professional broadcast by our Meeting Masters


Your Meeting Master will:


  • Identify and fix underlying problems

  • Rehearse the roles of meeting participants 

  • Guide the meeting through difficulties

  • Provide personalised feedback at the close of the meeting

Engage your team with

Intimacy at a Distance

Keep your culture alive, energise your team's brains and mobilise their creativity with live, facilitated sessions

  • Enable your team to get creative, collaborative and connected to maintain a thriving culture

  • Use online play and game theory to create intimacy at a distance

  • Co-design rituals that support values that are most important to your team during these turbulent times​

  • Dive into divergent thinking and learn what it takes to generate bold ideas

Meeting Waste Calculator

Take 60 seconds to discover what ineffective meetings are really costing you and your organisation.

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