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We are Culture Hero


We like to play outside the bounds of mainstream "corporate" events and employee development programs, our passion and expertise in experience design, facilitation, and serious play means boosting connection, wellbeing, new thinking and your bottom line. 


Our unique approach means we're supporting you to attract and retain top talent. Because employers who play have employees who stay. 

We're a vibrant bunch of experience architects, scientists, learning designers and creatives, crafting unforgettable, unconventional programs, workshops, and events.

Once upon a time, in a world where grown-ups seemed to have forgotten the joys of play, our fearless Founder, Dara Simkin, embarked on a mission to bring play back into adult lives. 


Inspired by the wonder, adventure, and curiosity of our childhood days, she set out to create a summer camp for adults called Camp Kidinyou. Alas, the camp idea didn't quite take off as expected. But instead of losing hope, Dara saw an opportunity to transform her vision into something even more powerful.

And thus, Project Play was born in 2016, a place where professionals could unleash their inner creativity and ignite their passion for play. Guided by the KaosPilot Methodology, our team came together, blending our expertise in the creative industries with the realms of learning and development, coaching, and facilitation. The result? A force to be reckoned with—Culture Hero, launched in 2019, dedicated to making work a better place.

So join us on this journey of igniting the extraordinary, as we infuse play into the DNA of workplaces and unleash the boundless potential that lies within. Together, let's rewrite the rules and create a world where work and play collide.

So, why play at work?

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