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Meet our Founder and Play Pioneer

I saw Dara present at a McKinsey conference. Her session made a real impression on me and I had plenty of laughs along the way. Dara provides plenty of practical tools and tips that executives can take back to their teams. One of my favourites is "yes, and". We have been using this technique in our teams since the conference and it has helped shift our dialogue in significant ways.

- Clare Morgan, Group Executive, ANZ

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Dara is a dynamic speaker who will transport your audience into a world of wonder and play. With a masterful blend of storytelling and immersive experiences, Dara creates a learning environment that ignites curiosity and sparks transformation. Her thought-provoking and entertaining content delves deep into the realm of Adaptability at Play, unveiling its profound impact on our professional lives.

With her infectious energy and unwavering enthusiasm, Dara empowers individuals to be bold, fostering a culture that celebrates authenticity, connection, and new ways of thinking. When you invite Dara to take the stage or guide your event, prepare for an unforgettable experience that will leave your audience inspired, energised, and ready for change.

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