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We aren't the heroes, you are. Our mission is to make your people the heroes of your organisation, because they know it better than we do.


And nah, we're not into capes. We're about authenticity and real connection.


We're a team of learning designers, storytellers, improvisors and mindfulness practitioners who view the world of work through an artist's lens.


We believe the business world is a heroic  performance, meaning we need the toolset,  skillset, and mindset to perform authentically and at our best.


We love people as much as we love change --  equipping us with super-human skills that allow us to know what makes people energised, engaged and at ease. 


We approach every project with curiosity and lightheartedness because there is no evidence that suggests seriousness equals success.

We work with clients who dig that idea, too.


Merrilee McCoy

Head of Learning Design

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Merrilee is passionate about empowering learners to take charge of their own learning and is a Master Archer of the KaosPilot Learning Design methodology.  She has 15+ years of experieince in narrative improv performance + training and gets her juice from helping regular people connect with the power of creativity. She’s performed and taught improvisation in AUS NZ, and the USA and has written and directed Sketch comedy shows. She’s also got a side gig with NYC storytelling powerhouse The Moth to coordinate their Melbourne story slams.

Dara Simkin

Chief People Officer

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Dara is Culture Hero's founder and a true play pioneer. Her unique energy and enthusiasm for making this world a more playful place enables her to create safe, supportive and engaging learning environments for groups large and small. Dara is an accredited Executive Coach and has helped to unlock creative confidences across four continents for thousands of professionals — giving them space to follow their joy. Her mission is to bridge the gap between work and play making room for greater purpose and impact.

Andrew Braddy

Resident Counsellor

Andrew is Culture Hero's resident Counsellor who provides emotional support to organisations that wish to provide their people with an EAP (Employee Assistance Program).

Andrew has a Master's in Counselling and utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Person-Centred Therapy. He uses trust and rapport to collaboratively define and work towards client's goals. He's the adventurous type and loves nature --he's a wilderness guide and trained facilitator in the Rites of Passage framework. 


17/31 Queen St

Melbourne, VIC 3000


Tel: +61 402 439 844

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