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Building better leaders, better teams and brighter futures now
with the transformative benefits of purposeful play

The future of work is play

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Culture Hero is a norm-busting cultural change & leadership training consultancy

We are deliberate and intentional with the way we play, creating and measuring real progress for your leaders and your organisation

Be Impactful

Leaders can't be impactful wihtout measuring impact. Our measurement capability enables our clients to build tailored metrics that benchmark their leaders' progress and wins by using baseline, midline and end-line measurement. This is how we work together to ensure sustainable impact is achieved across the organisation.

Be the Difference

Our play-based learning programs enable your leaders to experience the difference, so they can be the difference. Backed by research, we design in-person, virtual and/or hybrid solutions together until new mindsets and behaviours and embedded in your leaders and your culture. We're here to give you the tools you need to be your own culture hero.

Be Bold


Courageous leaders stay relevant in the face of rapid change. They innovate with a more open-minded approach to tackle today's wicked problems. They take risks, rebel and challenge the status quo to be creative, influential, empowered and adaptable. Bold leaders take their business to places it's never been before. Are you ready to be a bold leader?

This isn't a fad,
we repeat, this isn't a fad

Sure, fads and trends can be fun and exciting, but
they can also be wasteful and superficial.
The power of play is

Tell me more

Work + Play with Us

We help leaders adopt a playful mindset, increasing new
thinking, connection and wellbeing in their 

Play Lab

 We clarify the leadership competencies your executive team needs to be impactful, capable and bold. We identify the attitudes and 

behaviours required to create the mindset shifts for change. We work together to define a vision + mission for your leaders and explore the challenges you're currently facing. We have lots of fun while doing so.

Play Incubator

Following on from creating your leadership competencies, we co-design an experience that will start embedding the mindset shifts needed for your leaders to make real progress. Here we prioritise the attitudes and behaviours your leaders need and deep-dive into experiential activities that bring these new ways of being to life. We have a great time doing so.

3-6 months+
Play Accelerator

The real deal. This is for leadership who are ready to adopt a mindset that will set them up for what's to come. Doesn't matter what that is because a playful mindset will have you ready for anything. We co-design, define what impactful measurement looks like, explore your vision and values, rituals and more. This new leadership mindset is not just a blip, but a permanent part of the business. Baseline, midline and end-line measurement is included.

Leadership Coach

Creating real change takes courage, grit and perseverance. It also takes a great coach who understand the importance of connection and play to support whatever might come up on this journey to change. Here we offer 1:1 coaching for leaders who need a little extra to overcome those anti-play gremlins from high school. This is hard but also fun. 

Who We Work With

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Hear from Our Clients


Carolyn Bell
Past Executive Director 
Epworth Hospital

What a great way to unleash creativity amongst the team. Our leaders learned the power of fun and our key takeaway from the day was that we can often get caught up in structures, process and bureaucracy and through play we can create energy, innovation and build relationships to connect with one other. 


Jake Spiering

Chief Financial Officer


The team have absolutely created a spark, turning on a creative culture within our organisation. The feedback was outstanding. We have seen a number of the tools and takeaways continue to show up across our business to unlock new ways of collaborating and building on each other’s ideas.  Our leadership team is now aware of the power of “Yes, And….”, and we have seen multiple teams introduce play into their organisational rituals.  


Margaret Tope


Vic College for the Deaf

The workshop was fun, engaging and created the opportunity for staff to share and learn about each other in a safe space. The discussions were rich and you could see staff were having ‘aha’
moments as they gained deeper insights about each other. This new knowledge will definitely add stronger context for building our collective efficacy.
If you want to make your team understand each other as people without the title, connect with Culture Hero.

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