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What our clients are saying


Carolyn Bell
Executive Director 
Epworth Hospital

What a great way to unleash creativity amongst the team. Our leaders learned the power of fun and our key takeaway from the day was that we can often get caught up in structures, process and bureaucracy and through play we can create energy, innovation and build relationships to connect with one other. 


Jake Spiering

Chief Financial Officer


The team have absolutely created a spark, turning on a creative culture within our organisation. The feedback was outstanding. We have seen a number of the tools and takeaways continue to show up across our business to unlock new ways of collaborating and building on each other’s ideas.  Our leadership team is now aware of the power of “Yes, And….”, and we have seen multiple teams introduce play into their organisational rituals.  


Margaret Tope


Vic College for the Deaf

The workshop was fun, engaging and created the opportunity for staff to share and learn about each other in a safe space. The discussions were rich and you could see staff were having ‘aha’ moments as they gained deeper insights about each other. This new knowledge will definitely add stronger context for building our collective efficacy.
If you want to make your team understand each other as people without the title, connect with Culture Hero.

I greatly appreciated their flexible and collaborative approach to working together as they took the time to truly understand our purpose, needs and vision. They challenged us with new ideas so that this day would not look like a typical conference but was a meaningful interactive session that left participants feeling energised and inspired.  The team put together a cohesive well thought out agenda that ensured a holistic story from the start to finish. There was storytelling, skits, secret agent transformation activities and dancing robots … we had a blast! Thank you team for being so easy to work with, it was truly a pleasure. -Mahereen Muneer, Executive Manager, AGL

We realised the best thing was to roll with the ideas and put our trust in them. We’re very glad we did! The feedback from attendees was fantastic. The event was run several times and I was stunned by the impact that the play based activities had. On one event a game was omitted to make up ten minutes of time, but had to be re added when it was clear the attendees brains weren’t as well opened as a result! - Richard Blundell, Director, Customer, PWC

Culture Hero facilitated our annual all-staff event, and it was a smashing success. In the lead up, Dara worked closely with us to understand who we are, what we do, and what matters to us, and this translated into a event that went down extremely well with our employees. One thing that stood out was how in-tune the Culture Hero team was with our own team. They were adept at reading the energy of the room, seamlessly adapting the tone and content of day to keep the audience uplifted and engaged. In the post-event evaluation survey, 97% of attendees said their experience on the day was "good" or better, and 100% said they enjoyed the facilitators. It's hard to beat that. - Aaron Ford, CEO, Candella

Thank you for all the hard work, collaboration, and fun leading up to and organising the conference. Your dedication and playfulness were evident in every aspect of the event. Thank you for infusing the two days with your amazing energy and playfulness. Your dynamic presence and innovative ideas truly added a special touch to the conference, creating a memorable experience for all our leaders. - Katherine Kirkwood, Senior Organisational Development Consultant, Australian Foundation For Disability

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Dara through her 2018 Breakout conference with IDEO Partner Brendan Boyle and play researcher Dr. Stuart Brown. Little did I know that this conference would cause me to break out of my corporate thinking and learn to think about innovation from a place of curiosity, exploration and play. Dara has been incredibly influential to my approach to corporate life - in particular idea generation, change management and leading my teams. Her energy is infectious, her purpose is clear and she is next level passionate about helping people challenge the status quo and learn a new way of thinking. This is critical for any organisation in a world of growing complexity and constant change. In order to build an organisation that can shift, stretch and respond rapidly, you need a workforce that can deliver it. Dara's workshops are the instrument to achieve this change in thinking. - Jennifer Travers, Partner, KPMG

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