We make play a habit within your organisation -
creating better leaders, better teams and brighter cultures

Increasing the capability
of your business
with the power of play

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What is a

Culture Hero?

a legendary figure that a group of people attributes the most essential parts of its culture to, such as amazing discoveries, overcoming challenges or being an impactful leader.


Basically, an all-around legend.

Play is our brain's favourite way to learn

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Virtual engagement

is not only possible, but necessary

Our ability to adapt and problem solve isn't the future, it's right now

We believe work can be a place for human connection, meaning, and purpose and people do their best when they feel safe to be themselves 

We Foster


As the work force rapidly changes, your people need more innovative and creative ways to tackle these challenges both individually and collectively in order to stay ahead in the marketplace.

We Harness


As individual team member's needs for meaning and purpose evolves, it's important that they have the right tools they need to help build greater emotional intelligence.

We Boost


High levels of uncertainty leads to high levels of mistrust and individualism. Your people have to feel connected to what they do and who they do it with to do their best work.

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5 Essential Skills the Workforce Values Most

660+ million professionals and 20+ million jobs reveal the top 5 skills in-demand for 2020 and beyond


How We Work

We uplift your peoples' capability and shift their mindsets. 

By developing your very own Culture Heroes, we champion the

growth of your business, creating change from the inside-out.

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Our Co-Design Process

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We provide hybrid solutions, virtually and in-person, helping

various groups within your organisation develop the skills,

behaviours and mindsets needed to stay relevant

and ahead of the curve in the new economy


Organisational Engagement

Empower your people to embrace change — boosting creative capability, while building trust and confidence

Virtual Engagement

A large portion of your workforce will be working remotely, we prioritise making your virtual culture as engaging as face-to-face

Leadership Capability

Explore what it takes to be an infinite minded leader in business, building psychologically safe teams for greater trust, loyalty and high performance 

Work Groups / Teams 

Establish strong team dynamics and elevate your people to genuinely connect and collaborate more effectively


Learning Design

Our inside-out, learner-centric design approach

focuses on up-skilling your people around mindsets and behaviours that turn your values into virtues.

We're certified in the Danish learning design methodology, KaosPilot, which helps drive all the programs we co-create with our clients.


Our commitment to lasting transformation with longer, embedded engagements ensures that what is great remains - truly transformative, and not just a blip that gets forgotten!


Who We Work With




Carolyn Bell

Executive Director 

Epworth Hospital

What a great way to unleash creativity amongst the team. Our leaders learned the power of fun and our key takeaway from the day was that we can often get caught up in structures, process and bureaucracy and through play we can create energy, innovation and build relationships to connect with one other. 


Jake Spiering

Chief Financial Officer


The team have absolutely created a spark, turning on a creative culture within our organisation. The feedback was outstanding. We have seen a number of the tools and takeaways continue to show up across our business to unlock new ways of collaborating and building on each other’s ideas.  Our leadership team is now aware of the power of “Yes, And….”, and we have seen multiple teams introduce play into their organisational rituals.  


Margaret Tope


Vic College for the Deaf

The workshop was fun, engaging and created the opportunity for staff to share and learn about each other in a safe space. The discussions were rich and you could see staff were having ‘aha’
moments as they gained deeper insights about each other. This new knowledge will definitely add stronger context for building our collective efficacy.
If you want to make your team understand each other as people without the title, connect with Culture Hero.